About Panthalassa

Panthalassa is a global collective of creatives, filmmakers, writers, and storytellers who create insightful stories of unseen beauty about the ocean for like-minded partners. We specialize in the strategy, concept and production of high-end ocean related content.  Our award-winning work covers all media, from commercial films to digital installations, and has been featured on prestigious platforms such as National Geographic, the European Parliament and Nowness. 


Our Journal

We involve photographers, writers, filmmakers, artists, scientists and activists from around the globe and engage in regular discourse about our oceans. Panthalassa examines our oceans from various and unexpected viewpoints. In order to achieve this, we collaborate with some of the most distinguished names in culture at large. Our Motto: Life is all Ocean.

For all press enquiries, submissions or collaborations please contact so you can be the first to know about the digital exclusives premiering on panthalassa.