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Everything is Regional by Tyler Haughey

  Photographer Tyler Haughey grew up less than a mile from the beach just outside of Asbury Park, in New Jersey. On weekends, he used to spend time at his ...
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Sergio Penzo: The ship master behind the creative boat

 “Because, underneath all of this is the real truth we have been avoiding: climate change isn’t an “issue” to add to the list of things to worry about ...
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Pasaia Maritime Festival

From May 17 to 21, Pasaia hosted the Maritime Festival for the very first time. As a celebration of traditional wooden boats, the basque seaport welcomed thousands ...
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Taylor Weidman Aral Sea Panthalassa

Taylor Weidman: Fish is back in the Aral Sea

 Currently based in Chiang Mai, Thailand, award-winning documentary photographer Taylor Weidman’s work focus on the effects of modernization and human rights ...
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On thin ice with Ciril Jazbec

As a kid, Slovenia-born photographer Ciril Jazbec, dreamt of becoming a photographer for National Geographic. Today, aged 32, his dream came true. A few years ago ...
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