Blue Activism

News, essays, communiqué and call for actions addressing the fragile state of our ocean.

Behind the Mask with Florian Fischer

  German director Florian Fischer, 40, discovered diving at the age of 18, while on a trip in Egypt. Today, he describes diving as his favorite creative ...
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Sea Watch – The Experiment

The sea can be a place of hope and dreams but also of despair and death.  Oscar-nominated director Skye Fitzgerald has created this powerful nine minute ...
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One picture, Two stories with Ocean Ramsey & Juan Oliphant

Marine biologist, conservationist, freediver and entrepreneur Ocean Ramsey.What it’s like to lock eyes with a great white as it slowly and directly approaches me ...
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Plastic Family sits at the San Sebastian Aquarium

"This is how the ocean sees you" says in big the window of the oldest aquarium in Spain. Located right above the Atlantic ocean's waters, at the foot of Monte ...
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One picture, Two stories with Travis Burke & Brinkley Davies

 "Swimming with these gentle giants" by photographer Travis Burke. I held my breath and dove down toward the darkness. Deep below me I could see whale sharks ...
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