Inspiring trips to special foreign destinations.
From remote retreats to urban cities by the sea.

“Norway, your greatness” with Sarah Arnould

Quiet. « Qui-et ». Say it slowly in a low voice and you’ll get the general feeling of what it’s like to enter the fjords of Western Norway. During ...
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North to Nowhere with Anze Østerman

In June 2016, photographer Anze Østerman took a trip to Northern Finland, situated at the northernmost part of the Earth. The Slovenia-based artist met Robin ...
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Never far from the sea – Natalia Horinkova

Born and raised in Slovakia, photographer Natalia Horinkova, 31, left her home when she was 18 to fullfil her strong desire to discover the world. Growing up as a ...
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Along the coast, from the UK to Morocco

"The Continu_um" consists of a vast range of imagery. That’s how Alex Catt and Lola Thomas describe their photographic project. In last August, the British ...
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Steel Whale by Luke Montgomery

Modern-day adventurer Tom McClean has held records for solo rowing and yachting voyages across the Atlantic. On May 17, 1969, knowing almost nothing about ocean ...
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