Inspiring trips to special foreign destinations.
From remote retreats to urban cities by the sea.

Future of the Fjords

Officially launched in Norway in 2018, Future of Fjords is an electric catamaran constructed from carbon fibre composite able to welcome 400 passengers. It's ...
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The hurricane of ice in the Ross Sea

March 6th, 2014. 72 degrees south, speed 5 knots, -28 or less degrees celsius with wind chill.By Nico Edwards.It is dark and stormy, with snow blowing straight at ...
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Panthalassa Society member Rebecca Grettenberger

 An eccentric and colorful postcard saying « Greetings from Los Angeles » sold in a overloaded souvenir shop of the Santa Monica pier. For most of us, this is ...
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Ohana Wa’a by Brendan George Ko

Visual storytelly Brendan George Ko is the kind of guy you like at first sight. He entirely embodies this quote from Beat Generation author Jack Kerouac's The ...
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“Norway, your greatness” with Sarah Arnould

Quiet. « Qui-et ». Say it slowly in a low voice and you’ll get the general feeling of what it’s like to enter the fjords of Western Norway. During ...
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