Seaweed-inspired Haute Couture by Julia Körner

by Elisa Routa

An abstraction of how natural systems operate.



The most advanced technology, digital crafting and nature combine together in award-winning designer Julia Körner's creations. 



Taking her inspirations deep in biology and organic tissue, Körner builds beautiful 3D printed garments such as the Kelp Jacket, referring to a specific stage in the life cycle of a plant where spores are produced. « Inspired by the structure and performance of organic kelp topologies, the seaweed consists of a complex and intricate layering system, » Austrian innovator Körner explains. In 2015, The Sporophyte Collection, influenced by natural organisms of the ocean and created in collaboration with manufacturer Stratasys, offered three high-end couture pieces: The Hymenium Jacket, Kelp Jacket inspired by the forms of seaweed, and Kelp Necklace.


Through 3D printed with breathable, rubber-like materials, ready-to-wear fashion, her 2015’s collection explores biomimicry. « The 3-dimensional structure of the ‘Kelp Jacket’ is designed to enhance the performance flexibility of the 3D print in relation to its organic aesthetic. The lace like pattern appears as it naturally grow on the human body.»


Throughout her creations, working at the convergence of architecture, product and fashion design, Körner pushes the limits of creativity. Her creative and technical skills give both shape to alive and organic collections.  She describes her conceptions as «an abstraction of how natural systems operate." Almost made of flesh and plastic, it seems that nature always come first in Körner's creations.  



Photography & Art Direction / Ger Ger

Styling / Lizette Pena

Model / Mathilda Tolvanen

Discover more of Julie Körner's work on her website.

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