Never far from the sea – Natalia Horinkova

by Elisa Routa

If you can't find me by the sea, I'm walking towards it


Born and raised in Slovakia, photographer Natalia Horinkova, 31, left her home when she was 18 to fullfil her strong desire to discover the world. Growing up as a rhythmic gymnast, Horinkova used to travel across Europe for competitions since a very young age. Fascinated by people and their behaviour, Horinkova has been travelling to learn from the land she visits, and from the food she tries for the first time. "But most importantly from the people I meet alongside my journey," she says. "What I like the most is being able to tell a story. People and relationships have always played a big part in my life."



Capturing kids surfing on a wooden plank in Ghana and wild giraffes in Kenya, diving into the translucent waters of Madagascar, travelling across the rural areas of Tanzania, documenting Ugand, India, Indonesia, Australia, and Sri Lanka, travel and lifestyle photographer Horinkova has been covering some of the wildest places on earth, staying never too far from the sea. "If you can't find me by the sea, I'm walking towards it", she writes. 


In last November, she was sailing around the islands of North Madagascar on a 1960 Dutch ship. "I consider myself a very lucky girl," she says. "I thought you must go on an adventure to find out where you belong. But I found out that home is wherever your heart lies, and sometimes ​it is in more than just one place." Currently living in Sydney, Australia, the artist dreams of settling down "somehwere by the sea, far from the busy cities." Used to swim and fish with local fishermen, dive under turquoise waters, catch an octupus and cook seafood, we chose to share with you a glimpse of Natalia Horinkova's sweet daily life all over the world.



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