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Sea Legend Web Special

by Stefan Schröter

Sea Legend, written by Panthalassa and directed by the incredibly talented filmmaker Andreas Roth is about an old basque fisherman and a mysterious sea creature.  The web special opens your eyes to the world of legendary sea creatures like the infamous Kraken, revealing very little about the true identity of the enigmatic Sea Legend.  The guessing will come to an end at the film premiere during the San Sebastian Film Festival.  




We’ve teamed up with the digital agency Salon91 to create a wonderful web special for the film Sea Legend. The simple task was to create a cautious website to host the teaser. Out objective was to mirror the website which underlines the mood of the film: calm-cinematic pictures with a bit of suspense and drama. So we used a few of the most impressive pictures and added some tiny scrolling animations to let the scenes speak for themselves. Besides, we wanted to show the background information on important historical sea legends to let the roots of our story reach slightly deeper and to make it more exciting for the viewer to find out what it is all about.

Get immersed in the world of Sea Legend and watch the trailer here:

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