Blue Activism

News, essays, communiqué and call for actions addressing the fragile state of our ocean.


New Film: Remember the Fish

  "Our fate and the ocean are ONE" Panthalassa latest film „Remember the Fish" features Alexandra Cousteau, the granddaughter of the late oceanographer and ...
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The Sound of Intelligence

The orcas belong to the most intelligent and mysterious creatures on earth. Their language is made of a highly developed system of acoustic signals. Understanding ...
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The Trash Isles: An official country

8 million tons of plastic garbage end up in the oceans each year, killing 1 million sea birds. That’s a reality. “Great Pacific Garbage Patch”, also known as ...
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Buying fish with Miguel Angel Silvestre

 Panthalassa is thrilled to announce its latest short film made in collaboration with Oceana aimed at warning consumers against buying and eating baby fish. We ...
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The Ocean Cleanup raised $31.5 million

Over 5 trillion pieces of plastic currently litter the ocean. Earlier last month, The Ocean Cleanup raised 21,7$ millions in donations, bringing their total funding ...
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