Glommy Sea by Axel Schilling

by Elisa Routa

The organic beauty of moving water surface captured my imagination.


Blue is never the same. Sometimes dark, clear, electric, marine, sometimes steel, cyan, royal, almost grey and often divine. Midnight blue is deep, azure blue is exotic, while light blue remains nostalgic. Photographer Axel Schilling wanted to capture the different shades of blue hidden in a low-waist pool or a restless river. "The organic beauty of moving water surface captured my imagination. I started to discover the gloomy underwater world without having to go too deep."
Taken at the Gulf of Riga, this inland body of water part of the Baltic Sea in eastern Europe, these shots create a mystical display of light and shadows. "The elegance of the ocean begins right at the coastline" says Hamburg-based photographer about the eastern and northern coastal waters. Known as a vital wintering area for seals, migrating and breeding birds situated near the border between Latvia and Estonia, the area of the Gulf of Riga is about 18,000 km² today.
The blurry environment is too pretty to be real. It looks like a film set design, stuck in a parallel world between a fiction and a reality. The colourful rocks seems to float, barely touching the ground. The dizzy seaweeds create bubbles in a cloudy water, sand grains shape skins, looking like bright and shiny fish scales. The underwater world is nothing you've seen before. "Glommy Sea" plundges you into an illusion and reminds us why we're all so fascinated by these subaquatic secret gardens. 
 Discover more about Axel Schilling's work on his website.