Blue Activism

Behind the Mask with Florian Fischer

  German director Florian Fischer, 40, discovered diving at the age of 18, while on a trip in Egypt. Today, he describes diving as his favorite creative ...
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Hornsund by Corey Arnold

Working as a deckhand in Alaska since more than two decades, Corey spent seven years aboard a Bering Sea crabbing vessel. Today, he is the captain of a wild ...
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West is the Best in Mexico

Magazine founder and surfer Joran Briand puts it simply: "West is the Best offers an experience of surfing through tale and travel." For this third edition, they ...
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Stories and wisdom from Carlo Borlenghi

  Meeting place for a long list of sailors and sailing amateurs, the 6th edition of the SAIL IN festival took place in Bilbao earlier last month. The occasion ...
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Future of the Fjords

Officially launched in Norway in 2018, Future of Fjords is an electric catamaran constructed from carbon fibre composite able to welcome 400 passengers. It's ...
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