Blue Activism

Nature Is Speaking

by Sergio Penzo


What if the Ocean had a voice to tell us what it thinks about us?



“Nature Is Speaking” is a project that gives nature a voice to speak up and make itself heard to people who haven't heard yet. Established by Peter Seligman in 1987 and actor Harrison Ford as vice chairman the non-profit organization Conservation International is involved in environmental projects to protect and conserve our natural habitats. Their projects go from fresh water conservation in the Amazonas regions to innovative solutions against a rising sea level and acidification of the ocean, unsustainable fishing in Micronesia and many more. To visualize and emphasize the importance of these situations the organization has produced eight short films. Each movie shows impressive images and gives nature a very prominent voice to tell a particular educational and alarming story. Kevin Spacey talks as “The Rainforest”, Edward Norton (who is also ambassador for Biodiversity) speaks for the “The Soil” and Penelope Cruz is “Water” to name only three of them. The series depicts different elements of the natural world as voiced by a well known Hollywood activist and shows that “Nature doesn’t need people” but rather “People need nature.” To watch all of the movies head over to CI’s website here, where you can also read and find out more about many of their projects.


Watch Harrison Ford speaking for “The Ocean” here: