"Short Film"


Sea Gypsies, the far side of the world

« Where everything happens at the touch of a button and requires a computer science degree to understand and repair, Infinity’s working parts are manual ...
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Floating into Fire by Olivia Wyatt

"Floating into Fire" is a proof of concept short film written and directed by  one of our favorite filmmakers, the imaginative Olivia Wyatt. Based in Los Angeles ...
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Monsieur Oyster – by Panthalassa

 Panthalassa is delighted to present its very first short film directed by Douglas Guillot tending to show the close relationship between ocean and the culinary ...
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Blue Activism

Nature Is Speaking

“Nature Is Speaking” is a project that gives nature a voice to speak up and make itself heard to people who haven't heard yet. Established by Peter Seligman in ...
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