Panthalassa Launch Recap

by Elisa Routa

Panthalassa is a platform made possible by the many beautiful souls we’ve met on this journey.


On Thursday, the 11th of August, we celebrated the official inauguration of Panthalassa. In the words of Panthalassa founder Sergio Penzo, "Panthalassa is the result of all we believe in, but most importantly, it is a platform made possible by the many beautiful souls we’ve met on this journey." 


Panthalassa is the literal translation from Greek meaning "universal sea", also known as the Panthalassic Ocean. It was the vast global ancestral Pacific ocean that surrounded the supercontinent Pangaea.  The idea behind this very first eponymous exhibition was to gather each ocean in one space.  So through a collective exhibition, we chose to introduce the Panthalassa Society, our global network of contributors, writers, painters, and artists: The Australian underwater photographer Mark Tipple, Maltese photographer Kurt Arrigo, Chilean illustrator Daniela Garreton, French cinematographer Pierre David,  photographer Sarah Arnould, Glasser Tristan Mausse, Shaper & Acne Designer Robin Kegel, cinematographer Douglas Guillot, photographer and writer Elisa Routa, and NY-based artist Zaria Forman.   



One of the evening highlights was NYC-based artist and TED speaker Zaria Forman who delighted everyone with a beautiful speech about her work addressing the environment, conveying the urgency of climate change. "My career is dedicated to translating and illuminating scientists’ warnings and statistics into an accessible medium that people can connect with, on a level that might be deeper than scientific facts can penetrate." said the american artist about her personal engagement in protecting the environment and playing a part in saving our planet. "I choose to convey the beauty, as opposed to the devastation. If people can experience the sublimity of these landscapes, perhaps they will be inspired to protect and preserve them."



Our surfboard "Cephalopoard" made in collaboration with shaper Robin Kegel, using squid ink as a pigment, as well as a selection of 15 artworks and Zaria Forman's large scale pastel drawing can be seen at Providence Guéthary, in France, until the 24th of August. And who knows, if you are lucky you might even bump into actor Vincent Cassel who is spending some days in Guéthary and brought a touch of je-nes-sais-quoi to our party.  



Photos by Sarah Arnould/ Panthalassa