Suzanne Saroff distords fish, fruits and flowers

by Elisa Routa

In many of my images I aim to create a compositional waltz between the subjects and their own shadows.



Over the years, composition around food has made photographer Suzanne Saroff's reputation. Arranging items, playing with fish, fruits and flowers, New York-based artist alters our perception of everyday objects.




In this series of still-life photographs, the photographer is looking for experimental explorations. Oranges, lobsters, mangos, watermelons, avocados or papayas slowly become abstract, strange and beautiful. Through light, colors and evolving shapes, food and flowers are first stretched then multiplied.


Using glasses and cylinders of all shapes and sizes filled with different amounts of water, Suzanne Saroff distords the shape of the original object, thus changing the perspectives and the way viewers interact with well-known objects.


Suzanne-Saroff-Panthalassa Suzanne-Saroff-Panthalassaa6 Suzanne-Saroff-Panthalassa2 Suzanne-Saroff-Panthalassaa7 Suzanne-Saroff-Panthalassaa8

Follow Suzanne Saroff's work on her website.

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