Stories and wisdom from Carlo Borlenghi

  Meeting place for a long list of sailors and sailing amateurs, the 6th edition of the SAIL IN festival took place in Bilbao earlier last month. The occasion ...
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Future of the Fjords

Officially launched in Norway in 2018, Future of Fjords is an electric catamaran constructed from carbon fibre composite able to welcome 400 passengers. It's ...
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Blue Activism

One picture, Two stories with Travis Burke & Brinkley Davies

 "Swimming with these gentle giants" by photographer Travis Burke. I held my breath and dove down toward the darkness. Deep below me I could see whale sharks ...
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Suzanne Saroff distords fish, fruits and flowers

Over the years, composition around food has made photographer Suzanne Saroff's reputation. Arranging items, playing with fish, fruits and flowers, New York-based ...
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Blue Activism

The Plastic Family travels to the European Parliament

 The Plastic Family left their coastal landscape for a while and made the trip to the European Parliament in Brussels, Belgium. Initiated by Surfrider ...
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