"Free Diving"


Blue Activism

One picture, Two stories with Travis Burke & Brinkley Davies

 "Swimming with these gentle giants" by photographer Travis Burke. I held my breath and dove down toward the darkness. Deep below me I could see whale sharks ...
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Sumer Verma, India’s first underwater photographer

As a true pioneer in his country, Sumer Verma tends to raise awareness of the ocean by showing the beauty of biodiversity. Considered the first underwater ...
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Todd Thimios underwater photo of whale shark


Todd Thimios: “Salt water fixes everything”

Todd Thimios describes himself as an Australian underwater photographer with a few strange qualifications. Involved in expeditions with photography today, Todd ...
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Freediving with orcas: The humbling experience

Jacques De Vos describes himself as a certified freediving instructor, underwater photographer and cameraman. In other words, he spends most of his time paddling in ...
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The Japanese Women of the Sea

In very few fishing villages across the coast of Japan there are groups of women known as Ama. These Women of the Sea dive to the bottom of the ocean to collect ...
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