Our athletic obsessions, from surfing & sailing all the way to free-diving.

Media Sailing Cup in Hamburg

Invited to take part in the first ever Media Sailing Cup, members of the Panthalassa Society left the massive summer crowd of the Atlantic coast to land in ...
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Sail On with Kurt Arrigo

Known as one of the world’s finest marine photographers, Kurt Arrigo has been interacting with the sea for over 20 years. Born on the island of Malta, Arrigo has ...
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Freediving with orcas: The humbling experience

Jacques De Vos describes himself as a certified freediving instructor, underwater photographer and cameraman. In other words, he spends most of his time paddling in ...
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The Godfather of Cliff Diving – part 2

"Water is what allows me to do my sport. Water is what allows me to enjoy the life that I live. There's no water, there's no chance."Called "The Duke", and known as ...
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The Godfather of Cliff Diving – part 1

Recently, Dubai hosted the Red Bull Cliff Diving in Dubai Marina. For the last step of the World Series 2016, world-class cliff divers joined to compete on ...
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