Our athletic obsessions, from surfing & sailing all the way to free-diving.

The Godfather of Cliff Diving – part 2

"Water is what allows me to do my sport. Water is what allows me to enjoy the life that I live. There's no water, there's no chance."Called "The Duke", and known as ...
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The Godfather of Cliff Diving – part 1

Recently, Dubai hosted the Red Bull Cliff Diving in Dubai Marina. For the last step of the World Series 2016, world-class cliff divers joined to compete on ...
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Deep Storytelling by Guillaume Néry

 Four-time world record-holder, Guillaume Néry is a French free-diving champion who specializes in deep diving. Over the years, he has perfected this discipline ...
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« Glass Shops » by Tristan Mausse

« Ten years and more than 10,000 surfboards ». Over the last decade, Tristan Mausse documented his life around the world. From France to Bali, from Australia to ...
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A pool with a stationary boat by Mulroy Architects

Mulroy Architects recently completed project at Radley College and designed the Radley College Rowing Centre, a private boarding school in Oxforshire, England ...
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