Our athletic obsessions, from surfing & sailing all the way to free-diving.

The Godfather of Cliff Diving – part 1

Recently, Dubai hosted the Red Bull Cliff Diving in Dubai Marina. For the last step of the World Series 2016, world-class cliff divers joined to compete on ...
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Deep Storytelling by Guillaume Néry

 Four-time world record-holder, Guillaume Néry is a French free-diving champion who specializes in deep diving. Over the years, he has perfected this discipline ...
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« Glass Shops » by Tristan Mausse

« Ten years and more than 10,000 surfboards ». Over the last decade, Tristan Mausse documented his life around the world. From France to Bali, from Australia to ...
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A pool with a stationary boat by Mulroy Architects

Mulroy Architects recently completed project at Radley College and designed the Radley College Rowing Centre, a private boarding school in Oxforshire, England ...
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Tristan Mausse: Eight Short Breaks

We've seen thousands of surf films. We've watched them from age 15 to today. We know them by heart. The songs, the waves, surfers and silences. There is this ...
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