Inspiring trips to special foreign destinations.
From remote retreats to urban cities by the sea.

Dazzling and worrying blue lakes in Antarctica

Scientists have discovered that thousands of blue lakes of melt water have formed on the surface of Antarctica’s glaciers. Scientists from the British Antarctic ...
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« Glass Shops » by Tristan Mausse

« Ten years and more than 10,000 surfboards ». Over the last decade, Tristan Mausse documented his life around the world. From France to Bali, from Australia to ...
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Rare sight: An iceberg flipped over

On vacation in the Antarctic Peninsula in December 2014, designer and filmmaker Alex Cornell captured one iceberg in particular: A bright blue iceberg with a glassy ...
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Way North, A Photographic Chronicle of Nervei

"Here, I have to fight against wind, snow, cold and ice. During winter, I risk my life when I go shopping. But I never felt so alive." Those words were the ...
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Joseph Michael Antartica

Antarctica by Joe Michael

New Zealand Media Artist Joe Michael defines himself as an explorer, visual artist and photographer who is always trying to push the boundaries of the technology ...
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