Blue Activism

The Sound of Intelligence

The orcas belong to the most intelligent and mysterious creatures on earth. Their language is made of a highly developed system of acoustic signals. Understanding ...
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Harvesting the Ocean by Berta Tilmantaite

Every day local men and women from Pacasmayo, Peru spread along the shore of the town and wade into the ocean to collect algae, called cochayuyo. It’s been ...
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Lupimaris: Wolves of the sea

Twenty years ago, during holidays in Greece, Christian Stemper came across fishermen. In September 2014, he came back on the Greek island of Paros to ...
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Anita Conti PTLS Portrait 4


Anita Conti, The Sea Lady.

Born just before the 20th century started, Anita Conti represents a piece from the past. During her teenage years, she developed a passion for books and sea and ...
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