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“Signals” by Nicolas Sassoon & Rick Silva

  « Art has always been a testbed for a notion of the real » says the first line of the Chronus Art Center’s website introduction (CAC).  Signals by ...
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Dani Garreton - studio - blue factory

Dani Garreton’s childlike creativity

At number 50 Avenida de Navarra, behind the large windows of the San Sebastian-based Blue Factory, Dani Garreton draws at her desk, reminding the visitors her ...
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Composition and the use of space with Yosigo

As a kid, artist Jose Javier dreamt of becoming a famous professional football player. Born in Donostia (San Sebastian) in the Spanish Basque Country, Jose, known ...
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The hybrid fantasies by Maxime Lamarche

There is a piece of boat in the middle of the room, a car bonnet in a corner, a motorcycle gaz tank, some wooden and steel boards, crumpled maps and pieces of ...
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Sumer Verma, India’s first underwater photographer

As a true pioneer in his country, Sumer Verma tends to raise awareness of the ocean by showing the beauty of biodiversity. Considered the first underwater ...
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