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Water as a form of perpetual relation by Roni Horn

Described as an exploration of "mutability—of identity and gender, natural landscapes and phenomena, language and meaning", Roni Horn's sculptures, drawings ...
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“Beneath the Surface” with Wayne Levin

Wayne Levin has probably spent more time than any of us under the surface of our oceans."I’ve been using photography as my primary means of communication for the ...
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Plastic-Family-hero-2 ©XabierAldazabal-Panthalassa

‘Plastic Family’ Art made of Ocean Pollution

If you walk in the next few days through the beaches of San Sebastian’s "La Concha" or Biarritz you may come across a special family. A family of plastic created ...
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Not skinny hot girls by Nick Green

San Pedro, pronounced “San Pee-dro” by locals. That's where we meet our guy. Dominated by the fishing industry decades ago, San Pedro is part of the city of ...
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Panthalassa officially opens The Blue Factory

On Friday the 27th of July, we've been happy and proud to launch the Panthalassa Blue Factory into the world. Over the years, Panthalassa, brainchild of creative ...
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