Panthalassa officially opens The Blue Factory

by Elisa Routa

Panthalassa needed a physical place able to welcome creators from around the world, a place that breathes the ocean and where creativity is limitless.

Panthalassa Blue Factory 1

On Friday the 27th of July, we've been happy and proud to launch the Panthalassa Blue Factory into the world. Over the years, Panthalassa, brainchild of creative director Sergio Penzo, became a platform known for bringing together some of the world’s most talented creators. Our main motivation is putting a light on the beauty and fragility of the ocean.  According to Sergio Penzo's words,"this love for the big blue is what inspires the Panthalassa Society so it was natural to choose San Sebastian, a city that lives from and for the sea, as the place to start this new voyage."

The Blue Factory name is a homage to Andy Warhol’s infamous factory in New York open between 1962 and 1984 as a hip hangout for artistic types. Sergio Penzo once asked himself 'What if the Factory would have been run by Andy Warhol and Jacques-Yves Cousteau?' That question would haunt Sergio ever since. "Panthalassa needed a physical place able to welcome creators from around the world, a place that breathes the ocean and where creativity is limitless." Set in Avenida Navarra 50 in San Sebastian, and only a few minutes walk from the sea, the Blue Factory is no longer a vision but a reality.
The official inauguration launched on July, 27, was a true celebration respecting some of the traditional ceremonial ship launching steps. "We celebrated it as if it was the launch of a vessel, because we are about to navigate uncharted waters, where creativity will be our guide," says Sergio. "It started with the ritual of a champaign bottle smashed against the factory’s blue façade and from then on, it evolved into an magic evening."
Panthalassa gets inspired from everything the sea has to offer and wraps it in a way so we all walk away having built a deeper connection with the big blue.  “I wanted our guests to get a glimpse of the way we feel the ocean, and how it translates into beautiful crafted stories," adds Sergio. "Friday was the beginning of a new story and I wanted people to feel the magic and excitement that happens within us whenever we start a new project.”
As for what comes next for the Blue Factory. Now that we have a place, we will be seeing more involvement of local creators but also aspire to be a global hub that attracts international talent. As to highlight the work, it counts with a gallery space and setup for film screenings and digital experiences. So now its all about bringing it to life.
We want to thank you all for making this unforgettable day even more special and memorable. Last night was a tremendous success surrounded by amazing friends, good vibes and delicious treats offered by Maisor from Getaria, Egiategia wine aged on the bottom from the sea, Basqueland Brewing Project, film screenings from filmmaker Julie Gautier and a jazz session by glasser and shaper Tristan Mausse (saxo), filmmaker and shaper Jean Penninck (guitar) and professional longboarder Clovis Donizetti (guitar).

Thank you very much for coming to join in on the celebrations, we hope you had as much fun as we did. Life is all Ocean.


Panthalassa Sergio Penzo Elisa Routa Daniela Garreton Panthalassa Blue Factory 3

Photos : Philipp von Buch

Photo Clovis Donizetti: Thomas Lodin