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Floatting Housing in Copenhagen

Made from upcycled shipping containers, the Urban Rigger is a 680 square meters- floating, C02 neutral and mobile property in the centrally positioned harbor of ...
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The Chapel of The Holy Cross

Through a minimalist design, the chapel of The Holy Cross on the island of Serifos in Greece symbolizes a timeless religious building. Facing the Aegean Sea ...
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The Atlantic Walls by Julie Hascoët

French photographer Julie Hascoët documents the visual dialogue between two phenomena: The visible remains of the German Atlantic Wall, including bunkers and ...
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Book Review: “Sharks” by Michael Muller

Los Angeles-based photographer Michael Muller is known for shooting Hollywood celebrities, rockstars, superheroes and top athletes. In the last decade, he’s been ...
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The Sea Women of South Korea

For more than 1,700 years, haenyeo have been diving in the sea, harvesting shellfish and seaweed. In the Korean province of Jeju, sea women dive up to ten metres ...
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